Workspace solutions for the real world.

We realize that office furniture is not only a significant investment, but more importantly a critical decision in any office design scheme because it interacts with an organization’s most costly and valuable asset – its people. It provides the platform that enables people to communicate, collaborate, focus, and make decisions. If it helps people do this more efficiently and comfortably, it follows that they will be more productive and satisfied in their workplace environment.

We plan and deliver exceptional working environments. To do this, we have to understand our clients and how they work.

Furniture Specification

Understanding the relationships between workstations and common areas, job function and productivity, and employee status and departments allows us to identify products and solutions that transform an office space into a workplace that reflects a company’s culture and operational goals.

We work with the most innovative manufacturers in the world. Based on budget, scheduling, and space requirements, Debner+Company can tailor a furniture plan for the specific needs of any workplace.


Space Planning

We enter each project with the objective to plan a workplace that works the way the client works. Our design team includes space planners with experience planning office environments across a breadth of industries.

Using architectural floor plans and our electronic furniture catalogs, our space planners generate drawings of furniture configurations and floor plans to illustrate how the furniture affects the organization of a workplace and responds to the needs of its users. This process allows our team to verify condition variances, such as windows and columns, and ensures the furniture is ordered with the precise specifications needed to accurately manufacture the product on schedule.


Our design team specializes in developing sophisticated renderings that illustrate spatial relationships, finish selections, and overall aesthetic. Renderings bring furniture specifications to life and allow our clients to visualize their workplace before the products are even ordered.