Inspiration meets flawless execution.

With thoughtful planning, we can ensure a project’s success before it begins. Our project management philosophy is designed to provide effective leadership, sensitive attention to details, and a valued partnership with manufacturers throughout the project cycle.

We manage every detail while being mindful of the big picture.

Product Procurement

We carefully assess pricing to ensure compliance with buying agreements, and we work closely with manufacturers to confirm that pricing is inclusive, accurate, and competitive.

Order Processing+Management

From order entry to tracking each product’s progress in manufacturing, the highest level of attention to detail is given to managing our clients’ orders to make certain products are manufactured precisely as specified and delivered on schedule.

Construction Meetings

We pride ourselves on taking a team approach, engaging the client, architect, designer, and contractors as true partners throughout a project. We attend construction and planning meetings as a member of the project team to ensure shipping, receiving, and installation accurately align with the project schedule.


No two projects are exactly alike - each requires considerable foresight and competency coordinating installation schedules with the shipping, client move-in, and building access schedules. We are committed to meeting our clients’ operational date, every time.


We cover all the details to ensure installation is executed in an efficient, safe, and timely manner. Our experienced installation professionals and field supervisors are trained and skilled at installing product in accordance with each manufacturer’s prescribed methods.

Post Installation

We deliver the highest level of customer service beyond installation to ensure our clients fully realize the value of their investment in a workplace solution and partnership with a full service dealer. We have a dedicated support team in place to resolve warranty claims and damages as well as provide solutions for workplace reconfigurations and furniture restoration.