Capitalizing on your workplace investment.

We provide a variety of services designed to protect your investment and extend the useful life of your workplace environment.


Debner+Company can prepare detailed inventory reports of existing furniture assets. Our space planning team will provide as-built drawings to illustrate product usage and spatial relationships as well as determine reuse and distribution strategies.

Furniture Standards

Debner+Company can develop and maintain a standards program for managing furniture purchases over time. By implementing a long-term plan, our clients can regulate costs and maintain a consistent workplace appearance that sustains the function and aesthetic of the original workplace design.


Over time, organizations expand, contract, and restructure. When these shifts occur within a workplace and underutilized furniture needs to be removed, storage in our warehouse facility can be arranged for furniture assets, which can later be redistributed as needed.


Our space planning team is equipped to reconfigure existing inventories of furniture assets to reflect an updated application or fit within a new facility. This process ensures the maximum utilization of furniture assets and reveals additional components that may be required.


Existing furniture can often be rehabilitated to extend its useful life. Our service team can inspect existing furniture assets to see if rehabilitation is a cost-effective solution for a workplace. Our capabilities include:

  • Touch-up and refinishing services
  • Upholstery services (reupholstery, repair, and custom upholstery)
  • Panel and upholstery cleaning services
  • Wood shop (fabrication and modification)

If rehabilitation and reuse is an advantageous solution, an experienced project team will coordinate the rehabilitation services and manage delivery and installation of the restored product.


Debner+Company is connected to a network of furniture brokers dedicated to responsibly removing surplus furniture assets from facilities. A variety of services designed to meet financial, social, or environmental objectives are available, including reselling, recycling, and repurposing furniture assets as well as converting unusable surplus to clean energy from waste.